Scherzo (Veredas)

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José Antonio Cantón review in Scherzo of the concert held on April 3 in the XXII International Contemporary Music Festival of Cordoba. Scherzo: Elogio al saxofón

New book!!

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The aim of New perspectives on the saxophone. From sonic exploration to composition is to offer different technical approaches, not dealt with previously, to give form to different sonic possibilities for six different types of saxophone, while also putting forward … Continued


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Trio Feedback with Esteban Algora and Dario Calderone. Created in 2014, Feedback Trio is a unique formation that get together musicians with a long acting career in the field of contemporary music. Of variable geometry, it emerges being aware of its textural and timbral … Continued


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Works for saxophone by Alberto Posadas, Mark André, Raphaël Cendo and Hèctor Parra.

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